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ANZ Chengdu Data Science Competition 2019 Originality competition

Teams: 57

Participants: 63

Submissions: 4

Competition background

ANZ is a leading bank in Australia, New Zealand and in Asia. From 14th November 2019 we'll officially open the 2nd ANZ Chengdu Data Science Competition.

We hope you're excited too because the prize is a good one: in addition to the prize we're offering internships/employment opportunities with ANZ to the winners and/or highly regarded entrants!   

The challenge: Analyse and improve (using provided datasets) the loan application process

Participants are expected to undertake a thorough analysis of the dataset and submit a business performance recommendation.    

Business process mining is one hot top which has attracted intense analysis in recent years and has a broad range of applications across different industries.    You will be provided with a real life bank loan application process log data set and we are looking for participants who can design innovative ideas to conduct analysis and develop sound and executable business solutions to enhance the customer loan application experience.    

You are expected to focus on one of the listed topics at a minimum and present detailed analysis. You can also come up with your own additional research topics which could impress the judges! You are also expected to produce sound business performance commentary.    

Any tools or codes may be used but a reusable analysis prototype is a plus.    

Our expert judging panel looks forward to receiving your submission by 24th November 2019.    

Up to 6 teams or individuals will be selected as finalists to deliver a presentation of their findings. Winners will be announced at the final presentations and published on DataCastle on 2nd December 2019.  

Please explore this site for instructions about the competition and how to enter, as well as information about ANZ, why we're focused on data and digital, what it's like to work with us and our proud history as a market leader bank in Australia and New Zealand and beyond dating back more than 180 years.

Focused on data digital ANZ is focused on building digital ecosystems to help our customers get on top of their money and their business. We're always excited to collaborate with our colleagues – and others in the industry – to create innovative products and services.  

We're building better and more convenient banking solutions and data is a big part of how we're going about it.  

Data is a key focus area for ANZ - we have analysts and scientists leveraging the value of data every day to help us make better decisions for our customers and people. Our business leaders look to our data people to ethically explore opportunities, challenge and transform ideas. We invest in great platforms and tools to drive value creation.  

Life as a data specialist in ANZ means bringing human and artificial intelligence together to develop innovative and creative solutions that help people and communities thrive. 

The ANZ Chengdu Data Science Competition is an exciting opportunity to identify intelligent innovators to join ANZ in this data and digital journey.     

ANZ and China 

Today ANZ boasts more than 800 people working in the ANZ Chengdu Service Centre. The team includes experts who manage a range of complex functions including technologies used to support ANZ's business globally.    

The Service Centre in Chengdu opened in 2011 and ANZ remains the only foreign bank to establish an operations center in Chengdu.    

In fact ANZ has long had a presence in China, since 1986. And in 2010, when Australia and New Zealand Bank (China) Company Limited (ANZ China) was established, ANZ became the first Australian bank to be locally incorporated in China. Today, it has branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Qingdao.    

ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited) has a proud heritage of more than 180 years. And today, is among the top 4 banks in Australia, the largest banking group in New Zealand and among the top 50 banks in the world.    

We operate in 34 markets across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East. Our ~40,000 employees serve millions of customers in retail, commercial and institutional.   

A great place to work ANZ offers a range of exciting opportunities for intelligent and innovative technologists; especially software engineers and data scientists.    

ANZ people enjoy collaborating with colleagues. We value diversity and know we provide the best for customers in Australia and New Zealand and across the globe when we work together and challenge each other. We're curious and like to learn. ANZ is a place where employees can thrive. 

Up for the challenge? We'd love to hear you



1. Prize 

· First Prize: Maximum AUD $500 equivalent Apple product for each Person 

· Second Prize: Maximum AUD $450 equivalent Apple product for each Person 

· Third Prize: Maximum AUD $400 equivalent Apple product for each Person 2. Career Opportunities   

The team/persons who place and any highly regarded entrants may be given the opportunity to partake in an interview for internship or job opportunities with ANZ. Interviews are conducted and assessed at the individual level. Note: All awards and opportunities are offered in accordance with the competition terms and conditions. Offers for internships or employment opportunities are subject to eligibility requirements.   

Time schedule

- Competition Opens - 14th November 2019 9am UTC+8    

- Competition Closes – 24th November 2019 5pm UTC+8  

- Judging of Entries – 25th to 26th November 2019   

 - Finalists announced – 27th November 2019    

· After reviewing submitted source codes and solution reports from the online entries, the judging panel will select up to 6 finalists (teams or individuals).    

- Final Presentation – 28th November 2019    

· All finalists will be invited for final presentations at the ANZ Chengdu office. Finalists must attend in person and all costs incurred by finalists to attend ANZ Chengdu is the responsibility of the finalist and no reimbursements will be made.    

- Winners announced – 2nd December 2019   

 - Career opportunities – winners and/or highly regarded entrants who are invited to interview for internship or job opportunities will be notified within 3 weeks after the winners are announced. Dates of interviews will be held at the discretion of ANZ and on consultation with the individual.

Who can enter

The captain is responsible for the team member, who is agree with the< DC competition's cheating management regulations >and the other pertinent rules.

Entries are open to anyone over the age of 18. You can enter as an individual or as a team. 

Team entries are to be a maximum of three (3) persons and all team members must satisfy the entrant's requirements. 

You can only enter the competition once - either as an individual or in a team. 

Finalists will be asked to provide the following documents to confirm they meet entry requirements: 

· Chinese Resident Identity Card; or 

· Passport

  Contact DC if you have questions:


The team must be built from 1 people minimum to 3 people。 The new team creation must be done before2019年11月24日 00:00:00 The team joined must be done before2019年11月24日 00:00:00 The team merger must be done before2019年11月24日 17:00:00 after the competition enters the historical stage, new teams can be created, but the participating teams cannot add new players or non-dissolvable teams. Note: Members of the defense team are only members who are active during the period.。

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